French programs for little learners.


Does my child need to know some French before starting this program?
French 4 Tots was designed for brand new French learners. However, from the first day, children will be introduced to the language. Teachers speak primarily in French to the children, but they use many gestures so little ones can understand and follow along.

What does a typical class look like?

The class starts with circle time where children learn to introduce themselves to their peers in French. We also sing theme related songs during circle time to reinforce vocabulary. After circle time, there is a short lesson and a corresponding craft so children can practice and experience the new vocabulary words. Class is concluded with a goodbye song. Children are given “homework” to reinforce that week’s lesson.

Can I register my child after a module has started?
You are able to register your child after the program has started, however, if they are too far behind, they may feel a bit lost in the class as the 10 week program is progressive. Each week we build on new concepts that we have learned from previous weeks. Contact one of our staff members for recommendations if you are starting more than two weeks after the class start date.

The Super Readers and JK/SK French Immersion prep program does not accept new enrolments after the second week of class.

How will my child be evaluated?
There is no formal evaluation, however, children are given weekly “homework” assignments. At the beginning of each class, we take up the homework together. Students are encouraged to share their completed homework with other students in the class. A sticker is given weekly for homework completion. Little ones will receive a certificate of completion at the end of each 10 week  module.

What is the difference between the JK/SK program and the JK/SK French Immersion Prep program?

Both are great programs; however, the JK/SK French Immersion Prep (FIP) is more accelerated program. Students enrolled in this program will meet twice a week. The FIP program runs from September until December while the JK/SK program meets once a week for 10 weeks. Early French literacy will be introduced in JK/SK French Immersion Prep program.

What can I do at home to help my child with their French?
The local library has French books that parents can read. Also, there are amazing resources online that parents can check out with their children. One that I really like is This site is very user friendly and comes with English translations. Kids love the videos and the little stories.

Can I bring my other children to watch the class even if they are not registered?

Our new space does not have another room for siblings. Only children who are registered for the class can stay as it can be distracting to other students.

What is the withdrawal policy?

A parent may withdraw his/her child within the first two weeks of classes with written notification. Non-Refundable fees of $16 for classes that were attended and $25 dollars administrative fee will be deducted from the refunded amount. After the first two weeks of class, fees are non refundable.



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