French programs for little learners.

F 4 T Academy

F4T Academy: Full Day French Montessori

Students in our Early Beginners Program (EBP) will be immersed in the French language. Our small classes allow teachers to assist students with discovering their true potential. All instruction is done in French. Children will start to develop phonemic awareness the more they engage with the language. These little learners will be encouraged to use their newly acquired French skills in the classroom. Using a combination of songs, gestures and storytelling, children will gradually start to express themselves in French.


J’apprends mes couleurs tout en jouant.

Our EBP program supports the total development of our students and lays the foundation for lifelong learning and school success. This program fosters the social, emotional and cognitive development of our students. Using cross-curricular programming, children are given natural opportunities to practice their developing skills.

In this program little learners will develop school readiness skills such as sharing, taking turns, and understanding routines. At F 4 T Academy we encourage divergent learning. We have an academic program where we focus on numeracy and literacy skills; however, we believe that there are many approaches to achieve these results. In a divergent classroom, students are given challenges to which they must find a solution.  This exploration is supported by a teacher. It encourages students to question their environment and put them in charge of their own learning at a very young age. Students will also engage in activities that help to enhance fine and gross motor skills. Our child-centered approach of teaching focuses on the development of the whole child. As our students progress through the program, they will learn how to interact and socialize with their peers in a nurturing French environment.

Students: Casa Class Ages 2.8 to 6

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