French programs for little learners.

About Us


Maintenant, je connais mes ABCs.

The Program

At French 4 Tots we make learning a second language our first priority.

French 4 Tots is a program that introduces toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarten children to the French language in a fun and engaging way. Through songs, arts and crafts, stories, and imaginative play, children are guided through an enriching French program. Watch as your little one learns new language skills and increases their French vocabulary.

  • Morning and evening classes available.
  • Classroom capacity is 8 students.
  • All program run for ten weeks.

About the Instructors

I am a language educator who has taught at the preschool, elementary, secondary, CEGEP, and college levels.   I received my undergraduate degree from Laval University, in Quebec City, and have gone on to complete my masters. I am currently a college instructor who teaches communications. I am also a part of a government initiative to create interactive online college courses.

I created French 4 Tots as way of introducing my children to the French language before they started school. They loved it! Since then, we have worked with many little ones to help them do the same thing.


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