French programs for little learners.

About Us

French 4 Tots is a program that introduces preschoolers and kindergarten children to the French language in a fun and engaging way. Through songs, arts and crafts, stories, and imaginative play, children are guided through an enriching French program. At French 4 Tots, we make learning a second language our first priority.


Summer Camp Registration is now available. You can register by going to the summer camp tab and selecting the weeks you would like to come.

NEW: Fall 2017 all day French Preschool! Parent information night June 6, 2017.

Our Parents

“My son attended the “French 4 Tots” program and absolutely loved it! It was interactive and addressed all forms of learning styles. There was singing, dancing, art and repetition. It was a pleasure to watch him and the other children in his class having fun while learning. If you are looking for a French program for your child, this is the one to choose!” – SNW


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